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From : Barry Rodgers
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Dear Respected Marketer,

Whether you are running an major online business or even if you have just started making money online and are putting up your first site, everyone needs to make sure that they are compliant with the law and protected from potential litigation.

The last thing you want is a legal letter promising litigation (which could be ruinous) - simply because you forgot to cover yourself.

You need terms of use, relevant disclosures & disclaimers, your privacy policy and contact details all linked to your pages. If you don't have these pages linked to your sites, you could land yourself in hot legal water.

Many people don't, however.

Maybe because they don't know the content to write on these pages. Maybe because it just seems like too much hard work making legal pages for every site they put up.

Now, there is an easy way to generate legal pages "on the fly" with this new pushbutton software. Just add your details and it creates the personalised pages for you and will even upload them to your web hosting when finished.


Professional web design

  1. Generate personalized standard legal pages in a few clicks
  1. No software to download or install
  1. Use time and again for all of your sites

Now I don't want to bore you with a long drawn out sales pitch, my offer is pretty cut and dry! You can download all 6 of these templates right now and start putting together that fantastic looking sales page today. Why pay some graphic designer to build you a fancy looking website template, when you've got everything you need right here to make your own?


Awesome, isn't it? Take a look at what you get....



Software creates standard legal pages covering: :

There is nothing to download or install. This software is cloud based and can be used by everyone - regardless of what type of computer or operating system you have.

Here is what this amazing software does :


So what are you waiting for?

There has never been an easier way to create standard, personalized legal pages. It takes no time at all to create all of the pages and have them live on your hosting, ready to link from your sales pages.

Now, this Software as a Service could easily sell for $27. I know that there are Wordpress products out there that do the same thing that cost $67 or more. But I am not going to charge anywhere near that for this superb product!

Order this Awesome software Now!

The sooner you grab this package, the sooner you can save more time and money and have a complete solution for making your web pages compliant

So go ahead ...


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Best Wishes,

Barry Rodgers

PS. No need to do more selling...This is a no-brainer!